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Raining Inside of Me

My sleepless nights

The Risk
9 April
On the verge of corrupting the world.

30 seconds to mars, 311, 60's music, a clockwork orange, aereogrammer, anabolic frolic, anime, anti-racism, aphex twin, arab strap, atheism, audioslave, beastie boys, beck, blood, blur, bob marley, bush, candles, coffee shops, coldplay, collages, daft punk, dead kennedys, deadsy, deep trance, deftones, donnie darko, dope, dorks, dreads, drew carey, expressionism, fight club, fischerspooner, fishnet, girl interrupted, goth, grunge rock, gummy bears, hands, hardcore, hardcore industrial music, haven, hippies, hoodies, hot hot heat, icp, indie, individualism, industrial, jack off jill, janes addiction, jimmy urine, jungle, kickboxing, late nights, leisure world, lips, lords of acid, mellowdrone, mindless self indulgence, minor threat, misfits, moby, mohawks, mull history society, murderdolls, mushroom and olive pizza, music, my vitroil, nerds, nice teeth, night skies, nine inch nails, open minded people, orange, orgy, originality, paintings, peircings, people, photography, pink floyd, placebo, poetry, porno for pyros, prodigy, psychology, punk, punk rock, purple bongs, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain, rammstein, rancid, raves, requiem for a dream, sarcasm, seether, silver, simon & garfunkle, ska, slaves on dope, smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, spikes, static x, stone temple pilots, surrealism, the beatles, the doors, the faint, the get up kids, the libertines, the strokes, the transplants, the used, the white stripes, tool, trance, transplants, trapt, vendetta red, violent femmes, weezer, weird, winter, writing, yeah yeah yeahs